The company was awarded the National Award for Performing Arts for Children and Youth by The Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport for 2012.

The jury reached their decision by majority for “the creativity and variety of theatrical languages displayed over thirty years” by the company. And because, “Their work is indicative of a rigorous approach to dramatic arts committed to young audiences.”

SubrIn particular, they highlighted, “the company’s international activities which are made compatible with work that has deeply local roots”. And,” the work they have done towards creating new audiences merits special mention”.

FETEN Prize 2002, for artistic career.

2014 Internationalisation Prize , awarded by the Álava Chamber of Commerce.


  • 2001 Álava Regional Government Award in recognition of their contribution to the advancement of performing arts aimed at children and youth.
  • 2005 San Prudencio Award, granted by Canal Gasteiz Televisión, for the most significant cultural project in the city.
  • 2013 Cope Award granted by Cope Vitoria.